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projector  Patterns

Explore our collection of PDF sewing patterns compatible with projector technology! They feature thick lines, layers, large text, large margins, and multiple-size guides for reference both in inches and metrics! 

  • A projector file sewing pattern is a digital sewing pattern that is designed to be used with a projector. It contains all the pattern pieces and markings needed to sew a particular garment or project, and it is formatted to be projected onto a flat surface, such as a cutting table or directly onto the fabric, using a projector.

  • To use a projector file sewing pattern, you need a projector that is capable of displaying digital images. You load the pattern file onto the projector, position your fabric on a flat surface, and then project the pattern pieces onto the fabric. You can then trace or cut the fabric directly along the projected lines to create the pattern pieces for your project.

  • No. Projector files feature very thick dark lines, a lot of margins, multiple-size guides for reference and accuracy in inches and metrics, and large font. All the pattern pieces are displayed in the same direction and sizes are layered! Unlike A0, you can't print Projector files and you need to select your size in the layer panel!