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Quick question : Do you have to sew lines over your quilt ?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Okay, real talk.... do we have to sew lines on top of quilts? I've been working with clothes for over 15 years and while I just recently discovered the world of quilting, I feel at loss (to say the least).

I started cutting all my 3x3 inches squares,

Quilting squares

Took over 5 hours to sew them all together and then assemble them in a pattern.. but when It was all done and sewed with the foam batting... I just loved it the way it was. I still decided to sew the lines over it.. but quickly stopped as I felt as if I was ruining the quilt. I removed all threads and thankfully, it left no holes.

What do you think... should I have continued with the lines? Or it's fine the way it is?

This is the final quilt!!

So far, the quilt has been resting on my office chair and it's been brightening up my day! I will make more for sure!

If you have any comments or advice, please let me know!!!

Quilt pattern
This was the original quilt pattern I designed

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