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Best online fabric stores in Canada (2022)

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

It might come without a surprise, but as a designer, you're always looking for that special fabric that will make (or break) your sewing project. Fabric is just that important, hence the reason why it can be frustrating shopping in retail stores or online stores and not finding what you're looking for or/and within your budget. Personally, I think there are still a lot of ways companies could improve fabric shopping both online and in retail settings.

Nonetheless, here's a list of online Canadian fabric stores (not in particular order):

  • Tonitex is a great shop. They have a lot of fabrics, and their prices are good! I would suggest you go to their retail store directly as it's the best way to shop for their fabrics.

  • Les Tissées is a fabric shop located in Montreal! They have a great selection of modern fabrics and their website is well-made. They include a detailed description of their fabrics and they have a great selection of knits fabrics. They do hold sales, for example on black Friday, they have a buy two get one free! They offer local pick-up in Montreal, so that is great if you live in the city!

  • Now let's talk about FabricFabric .. Here's a Toronto-based company selling a ton of fabrics online! They have one store in the city and what makes them great is that they offer free shipping on orders over 100$. Their website is well-made and easy to navigate! They offer a great selection of quilting fabric and their muslin is very cheap compared to other stores in the country. Worth checking out!

  • Next on the list is not Canadian, but I thought I'd include it as I purchased from them multiple times and was satisfied each time) Swatchon is a Seoul-based company that quickly grew into a fabric top supplier around the globe. Their videos are just amazing and the service is also incredible. You will find almost every single fabric you can think of and more! The downside to Swatchon is that you need a business to access the fabric selection for free or you need to deposit a whooping 500$ down, which I think is way too much. If you're an independent designer or just making your own clothes, Swatchon is simply not a sustainable choice. The shipping fees for the fabric can also be a bit high, but depending on your choice of fabric, it might also be cheaper than if you were to get fabrics at your local store... In conclusion, do your math before buying from Swatchon to ensure you're making a good choice!

Swatchon fabrics
Swatchon sample box

  • Rick Rack Textiles is a Calgary-based fabric shop. They seem to carry a lot of fabrics, but I'm not sure if they're more of a quilt fabric shop or apparel fabric shop (because their "slogan" is: A Garment Focused Shop"). They do carry some fabrics that no one else carries, so it made it on the list for that reason. The website is well made and they have a retail store. If you're in the area, then you should definitely check them out!

For Quilting fabrics, here's a bullet list of great stores :

  • Piece Fabric Co. is based in Alberta and is my personal favorite. The owner (Kendra) is simply an amazing person and is truly passionate about quilting. Their Instagram is next-level amazing! The selection is huge and they always (almost) have all the plain Kona fabrics in stock! They also have the most beautiful store in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Piece Fabric Co also offers the best selection of quilt Kits! You should definitely check them out!

Piece fabric co location
Piece Fabric Co. Retail Location

  • Monkland Quilts Studio is based in Montreal and offers free shipping on orders above 175$ + they have a great selection of designer fabrics. A great option if you want to shop more locally (if that's in your region).

  • Bundlebarn Fabrics is another great Quilt destination! The website is easy to navigate and the customer service is also very good! This shop is based in Quebec. Their Instagram is worth checking out!

quilt earthy fabrics

  • Based in Manitoba, Thread Count Fabrics is another quilt destination! They price everything by the yard, which I think is great! They have all the pure solids you can think of and more! Worth checking out too!

  • Blackbird Fabrics is another beautiful online store based in Vancouver! It's a great one-stop shop for all your sewing supplies and more!

Blackbird quilt
Blacbird's offices!

To finish, shopping for fabrics online can be a great experience, just like it can be a nightmare, So I can't stress you enough to get out there and shop in person if that's possible. You could also go to any Thrift store in your area and look for the curtain sections... you'd be surprised by all the gems you can find there!

My last piece of advice when shopping for fabrics would be to go alone, so you can take all the time you need with no judgment (lol).

PS: Here's a list of stores I DON'T recommend :

  • FABRICVILLE. Service is terrible and prices are not good.

  • That's it :)

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